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TERA Elektronik Güvenlik Kontrol San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.

Billur Sok. No: 22/1 Kavaklıdere - ANKARA
Telefon : +90 (312) 468 12 24
Faks     : +90 (312) 426 83 54
E-mail  : tera@teraelektronik.com.tr
We are one of the leading companies in electrostatic grounding for hazardous areas.

We have been working in this area since 1997.

We have combined our experience with Newson Gale, U.K. and reached to powerful point in this field.

We have been representing Newson Gale U.K. in Turkey more than 10 years.

We supply earthing products covers a full spectrum of related products from simple purpose designed static grounding clamps and cables, to mains and battery powered indication systems, to full interlock systems for road and rail tankers, FIBCs and process plant monitoring. All the products are supported with test equipment and training courses.

Our application knowledge to engineer high reliability products to suit many standards as well as special applications.

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